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12 Things To Let Go of Today You Won’t Miss Tomorrow!'t-miss-tomorrow!/

Ready to FREE yourself and your life from clutter? Disorganization? Stress? Let’s talk about 12 Things you let go of today you won’t miss tomorrow!

I don’t know where to start…

Let’s face it, as with most things getting started is the hardest part.

Diets, Exercise, leaving a bad or old relationship. Once we do the hard part the “getting started” gets easier and what we need to do becomes clearer. So let’s get started with those spaces I know you won’t miss

Old Phone books and calendars-

I am still surprised at how many of these space hogs take up our offices, as for most of us these days everything is online and asking Siri a question is much easier and faster than using those old yellow pages. So let them go. And while your at throw out those old unused calendars that are space suckers too. Check around and remove the old one hanging out on your fridge, or other areas of your home. Just removing these items will allow you to find spaces in places that can be prime real estate in your home.

Promotional Items-

Speaking of small calendars you couldn’t write an important date on it if you needed to… it is time for those free magnets, calendars, hats, plastic cups, key chains, and all the rest of those hey you picked me up but you’re never going to ‘use me” items to go! This can make very cluttered spaces and very cluttered offices.


These items are more than likely still going to be in the FREE bag you got as well. So let them all go. Speaking of FREE let’s move on to item number 3 in the list of 12 things to let go of today you won’t miss tomorrow.

Free Samples-

Can I be honest with you here, free samples- we either use them right away or we collect them. There is really no, real; we might use them someday. And they do expire. To keep your skin healthy, it’s best to use these items right away or let them go.

Just because they are free doesn’t mean they are something you need to hold on. Speaking of expiration dates… here’s item four.

Anything that’s expired-

I don’t know why we feel like if we continue to hold on to something that someday we might use. But in our cabinets, pantries, etc this seems to be the go-to thought. But the truth is we are going to cook expired food. We aren’t going to use meat that has frostbite. We aren’t going to use that sidedish we have passed the last 25 times we made dinner. It’s time to go through your pantry and toss anything that’s expired and while you’re in the kitchen lets move to item 5.

Chipped dishes and bakeware-

Ok, let’s face it. You’re not going to use this dish, so why do you have it? Not only does it not look the way you want it but worse yet, bacteria can set up in chipped dishes, mugs, etc.

Because of this make sure you toss anything that’s chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged and while you’re at it. If there are any cracked utensils throw those out too!

Storage containers without lids-

So what is it about storage containers that they have such a hold on us? I mean they aren’t a big expense for us, yet the hold they have over us it like Do you have containers that you can never find a lid for or lids with no bottoms? Toss them. All they’re doing is taking up much-needed space and causing you to stress because you just go past them anyway. Speaking of things we hold on to, that we no longer use… let’s go-to item number six.

Movies you no longer watch-

Let’s admit night now that Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all the others have changed the game. Most of the movies that we hold on to we can watch them on one of these channels and we do. We don’t take the time to dig through the piles of movies that we have collecting dust on the bookshelves, we just put our choice in the remote, ok and start the movie. Yet, we give these movies so much of our space. So it’s time to let them go. Give yourself back some space and stop dusting what no longer serves you and that includes item eight.

CD’s that you listen to other ways-

Thanks to all the modern-day advancements long gone are the days when our music collection needed to take up so much space in our homes. Or be a pain to dig out our favorite song. There are so many great options that give us back so much space. So let go of those dusty CD’s you haven’t cracked open in forever and take that space back too! And let’s head to item number ten.


Did you know that you don’t have to keep an entire magazine for one article or recipe? So much of the magazine is about advertising, trying to get to buy things you really have no interest in. So stop saving the entire magazine. If you really want to read an article simply go through and pull out what you want and recycle the rest of the magazine. Related:

Now let’s move to the bedroom closet-

Clothes that no longer fit and worn out shoes-

Ok, so here’s the truth…“Someday” may never come and all it does is make you feel bad about now. And you deserve better! Way better!

Most importantly, it’s time to remember to start celebrating where you at and not just holding onto things that are about someday. So please purge your closet and get rid of clothes that are too big or too small. Shoes that are a bit worn are great for the garden or outside work, but shoes with no support, or holes serve no purpose and they don’t do your feet any favors.

Well there you have it, 12 things to let go of today you won’t miss tomorrow and the start to your own decluttering journey! And if you still need some inspiration Join my Clutter-Free 30-day challenge!'t-miss-tomorrow!/


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