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Everything You Miss When You Try and Do It All At Christmas!

I soooo remember the times when I tried to SO hard to do it all! Make sure the house looked like a page from Better Home and Gardens, to the wrapping paper matching, the bulbs on the tree. To making pies or cookies all homemade of course for anyone who sent a smile my way. To plan the perfect dinner that would make any chef drool…. and I don’t know about you but by the time the last dish was made, present wrapped, card sent I was burnt out and exhausted!!!

Like don’t even look my way exhausted. WAS that really what my family wanted? Expected? Was that what my Christmas Holiday had become? That’s what I want to ask people I meet who are so busy, the people who are doing it all.

Don’t you want to stop now?

Don’t you want to have the Christmas you can enjoy.

I was tired…. NO I was beyond tired… Grumpy and irritable and when the Christmas songs started I felt it was my duty to do it all over and over again…

I wanted to stop. I think my family wanted me to stop… I mean I was the “You can’t bring any gift in house to put under the tree unless I provide the wrapping paper… so it matches everything kind of tired! It was crazy – heck I was crazy!

Then one beautiful day it hit me… I was missing out on the Christmas of my dreams while trying to make the Christmas I thought everyone else dreamed of…

So lets take about the 3 Things You Miss When You are Busy Doing it All at Christmas

1. Time to enjoy the little things that make the holiday special.

The Christmas holiday is a beautiful time of year, it’s actually stunning. But it isn’t going to be something you see, enjoy or experience if you’re rushing through it. from store to store, expectation to expectation you will miss the ‘feeling’ the smiles, the kind and special moments…

2. Connections with those who matter most.

Yep this was me… While I was trying to make perfect… (blaming the love I had for family) to make it perfect I was missing out on them.

I was to tired to play games, or falling asleep during the best part of Christmas “movie night”.

I was easily offended… or my feelings were easily hurt which made me isolate myself and shop more.

I was missing what I longed for most.

3. The joy of cooking and being with loved ones.
Do you know what “over the top meals cost you” besides the big grocery bill? They cost you time, they cost you energy, they cost you missing out on the laughter, and the joy of getting messy and the joy of remaking those homemade recipes passed from hand to hand. At our house so much was wasted because I wasn’t just trying to feed my family a good meal I was trying to impress them with all the greatest meal.

We didn’t just do turkey or ham we did both (truth be told I still do that one lol) but then there had to 14 sides, 7 different types of pies, all homemade of course… candy and cookies, and plates with veggies, fresh fruit, crackers and cheese trays, and it just went on and on and on.

And this wasn’t my family doing this. This was me!

I WAS doing it to me!

Just too much.

Now my menu is good. Still has everyones favorites but maybe 2 types of pie instead of 7. There is always plenty to eat… everyone is full and leaves with leftovers but now I eat too.

And I laugh, I enjoy and I get sleep.

Now I accept help, and laugh at mistakes, and get messy.

It’s truly perfect. Just thinking about it makes my heart smile.

things that warm us, and bond us.

I take time to do with, not just for.

You don’t get to enjoy the meaning of the holiday, the birth of the Savior, the warmth of a friendly smile. You miss out on the JOY the holiday brings. And instead are hiding in the room pretending to be wrapping gifts just so you have a moment to breathe… so please take you time. Enjoy those moments to take in the lights, enjoy your decorations, or the deliciousness of that ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie, or that hot cup of cocoa.

Take a hot bath…

Enjoy a glass of wine…

Savor that meal you spent so much time cooking, or that cookie that isn’t quite perfect….

Give yourself the gift of self love… slow down and ‘let go’ of what doesn’t serve you … so you can enjoy what does!

Merry Christmas from my home to yours,

xoxo Rachel

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