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3-Reasons Why Experiences Are The Best Gifts

Well, it’s that time of year, time to make your long list of who gets what, but before you decide to stand in those long lines I would like to encourage to think about gifting some experiences instead of stuff… So here are my 3 reasons why experiences can be your best gifts.

3 Reasons Why Experiences Can Be Your Best Gifts-

Children Learn Lessons-

Ok, lets start here… how many times have you spent hours in line buying that “It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted gift” to step on it a week later in the middle of the night?  Or to find it discarded in another pile of unused toys that are overtaking the playroom, or your childs bedroom?


Here is a sad statistic that might put a whole new spin on it: the average eight year old child owns over 238 individual toys, and will more than likely receive for the Christmas season somewhere between 15-35 new toys to add to that collection. Facts show that they actually play with somewhere between 8-12, at most, a day. 

That’s a lot of overwhelm to add to their lives and yours. Instead think about what experiences you can gift your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. 

What interests do they have? Do they love music? Think about music lessons.

Do they have boundless energy? Gymnastics may be not only their saving grace but yours too. Do something positive with all that energy!

Dance class, movie passes, sports programs, yearly zoo memberships or museums. What can you give them that doesn’t just end up in piles on the floor? 

And it’s also a great way to get the whole family involved in giving a great experience: you buy the lessons, let grandma/grandpa buy the shoes, or the costume, or the instrument. 

Just think about how much money you can save doing it this way. How many frustating nights as well! Now, instead of lots of toy clutter that overwhelms you (and them), you have something that will be ongoing.  And the best part… in lessons, this is where kids grow! 

The gift keeps on giving and this is how…

They learn life lessons, like how to lose, how to win, how to be a teammate, how to listen to a coach, take direction,  be counted on and be responsible!

Give me a toy that’s going to help teach your child all that!

It doesn’t have to be all experiences under the tree this year. But even just one or two can be a game changer for you both!

2. Adults De-Stress-




Let’s face it, right now – especially for the Millennials out there – adulting is hard. Not in them being adults because honestly most are rocking that, but in all the pressure out there on them.

The cost of daily living is hard enough.  Adding school loans, car loans, and the basics don’t leave anything extra to do any of the fun things! 

So think of what experience you could gift instead of more stuff to keep track of. A nice night out to dinner, where no one has to  to cook, or clean up.  A concert, or show, that would give them a much needed mental break of just being in the moment. 

Need more ideas, movie passes, gas cards, Starbucks, Broadway show, or better yet season tickets, gym memberships, dance lessons, barr class, sky diving lessons, tickets to see their favorite team play.

There are so many great ways to gift something that is going to add to their joy when times are tight. Think of how just stopping at Starbucks for the special order latte is going to be just thing they need, to give them that much needed get up and go.

So skip the lines, and find something that they can enjoy when they need it most. Don’t know what they would enjoy? Ask them. 

Trust me on this one. It will be a remembered gift for a long time to come!


1. Time With You Is the Best Gift-


Here is a gift for both you and the receiver: think about a getway with you. It can be to the movies, a nice dinner with a glass of wine,  or to a concert where you can both sing the songs or dance the dance. Think about a weekend getaway where you can just be, and connect, and enjoy each other.

Do you need to reconnect with your teen and find out what’s new in their life?

Nothing like a getaway to a game or concert to help you find the time to reconnect.  The drive alone can be just the thing that’s needed.

Personally, one of my daughters was a closed book 99% of the time. But take a drive somewhere, and within 20 minutes she was cluing me into her life. Those are moments I will never forget. It was low pressure, just our time. Time to find balance in our relationship and just be.

I want the same for you.  I promise you when they are in their own homes you will look back on those moments and treasure them. 

Take time away with your sweetheart, parent or sibling. That is the not  only the good stuff, its the BEST STUFF!

Time with those we love can be the most precious gift of all. It doesn’t have to be all out.  But it does mean you’re all in! 

Time is the one thing we can’t buy more of, so spend it wisely. Choose people and experiences that bring you closer or that make the holiday sweeter, instead of the long lines and all that extra stress (for both you and your pocket book).  It’s much easier to budget experiences as well.

I promise, it’s a game-changer for you and the person who is receiving your gift!

So instead of doing it like you’ve always done, think about the 3 reasons experiences can be the best gifts of all!

Happy Holidays,





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