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Overwhelmed to Organized Goddess! Get Organized in 2019 with these mindshifts!

So are you ready to make 2019 your best year yet?

I’m hoping I’m hearing a lot of yes, and head nods because ladies life is too short not to love every minute of it! And yes, I truly believe that but I also know life can be more than a little overwhelming with all the ways we are pushed and pulled. Well, one the best ways to stay ahead of that game is to clear the clutter.

So here are my top 3 ways to start 2019…

Let Go Of The “I Might Need That Someday”.

This is a lie that all of us have been guilty of. It’s that temptation/fear of “What if” and for some of us we say this a LOT! Heck even as PO I still catch myself doing it, not often but still it’s human nature.

but here’s the truth of the matter. 99% of the “someday” never comes. Or if they do we actually have another one somewhere else. And the truth is unless we are living in the boonies… Far far away, we all live close enough that we can replace said item.

If this is your favorite excuse, I recommend creating a just in case box.

As you are decluttering and come across things you want to save just in case, put it in the box. Mark a date and see how often you return to it. If you do and there are some things you really need great. Take them out, use them. But the ones you don’t ‘let them go’ when that date is reached. Honestly, most of my clients never return to that box and when they donate if they really don’t even remember what was in it.

Get Over The Price You Paid Or Where It’s Going.

I hear this one a lot. “But I paid x-amount for that item. and ‘I hate to just donate it”. Ok, I get it. We’ve all been there. Buying something on a whim, as a memory, because of the color, it was on sale, you really used to love it or the worst one you paid an ungodly amount for it… the list goes on and on. And no one really wants to just waste money.

I so understand!

But get ready cause I’m about to drop a truth bomb…

if you’re not using it, enjoying it, or loving it, you’re not only wasting money (because it just sitting there or hanging there) BUT you are also wasting valuable space. Physical and mental!

Sometimes the things we buy are of value to us in that one moment. They are not meant to bring any more joy to you than they did in that experience. At that moment they have served you well. But if that moment is passed. They are no longer serving you. YOU are serving them. Remember ‘everything we own also owns us. Our time, our energy and our space’.

So move it out.

Give it to a cause that makes you feel good and free yourself.

That my friend is truly priceless.

You Must Count In Your Own Story.

If your nightstand or dresser is cluttered and you can’t see the tops. It time to move stuff out!

The place where you rest needs to be restful.

Think simple, peaceful.

If your closet screams at you everytime you open it, take some time to clear it out. Let go of the “someday” clothes and celebrate where you are.

Don’t let ‘your space’ become everyone else’s drop off zone!

No piles of laundry.

No baby/kids toys everywhere. If need be because you have littles. Get a basket you neatly put them all in until they can be homed again.

BUT reclaim your space. You deserve it!


Well, lovelies I hope you find these 3 mind-shifts/ tips helpful.

That they inspire you to let go of what is holding you back. That they encourage you to love yourself exactly where your at (hot messes included) and that you find just a few things you can use to start 2019 off with a bang.


P.S. If you are looking for a great decluttering challenge that’s fun and easy check out the one on my

Insta @simplifymylifeict

or my FB @simplifymylifeict as we take on the #sparkjoychallenge2019

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