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Finding Simplicity in our daily lives is difficult.
Simplify My Life can help.

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.”


How Simplifying can change your life using the methods of KonMari

If your goal is to create a relaxed and peaceful home life, and create more all-over joy for your space, and the things that occupy it then ‘KonMari’ is for you.

Don’t think ‘Minimalism’ because we aren’t just reducing, we are taking steps to really find what you love.

Navigating cluttered closets and cabinets with clothing, books, toys and papers packed in drawers and piled up on the kitchen counters can make day to day living frustrating and overwhelming. And no one should be afraid to walk through their own door.  

Trained in 2017 as the only Kansas Professional Organizer by the KonMari Institute,  I can help you navigate clutter throughout your home. Cluttered closets, over whelming drawers, books, toys, piles of paper we will tackle it all. I  will help you start, coach and guide your journey toward a well-managed, organized home. One you can’t wait to return to!

 So if your ready…. ‘Let Go and Find the JOY!’


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