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How To Design Your Home Office In Just 5 Simple Steps


Can you believe that Spring is just around the corner? Just thinking about it makes me excited about all the growth, and productivity of a new year! But for a lot of us, especially those who are trying to do “all the things” and run our own companies the overwhelm of how to design your home office and how to maintain that office can be a lot.

In fact, it can lead to paralysis and make us lose sight of where we are headed. Especially if you suffer from “Imposter Syndrome” like many of us do. And lets be honest that thought alone, there can stop us.

I also know that having a space that is created for you can be empowering, healing, and allow you to see easy solutions and find the boundless energy that being a lady boss can require.

So let’s talk about how to design your home office in just 5 simple steps because one of the best ways to create some great lady boss growth is to design your space so that it fills you with inspiration and allows you inner peace to dream your dreams.

Designing a home office is one of those things that can change so much for us, our vision, it becomes a space where our vision can become clearer. Let’s break down how to take even a small space and turn it into your much-needed office. So whether you have just one small corner of your kitchen, craft room, or den to work with, or you are blessed with an entire designated room, you can design a workable office or workspace that’s all your own.

So let’s do this design in just 5 simple steps…

First, Consider the Purpose of Your Office Space

Ok, first thing is first, you need to really be clear on how you need your space to work. This is the secret to not just creating space but designing the space to work for you. This creates eye-opening enlightenment.

So is it… just a space for a desk for you take on a few office essentials like filing, bill paying and storing needed paper? Related:

Or is it a place where you and your laptop will be spending a lot of time together. All of this is important to consider when designing that workable home office.

What needs to be in your space?

Do you need a full-on workspace, a place for a vision board to hang? Before choosing a spot to set up, it’s vital to get clear on these important questions and “ask yourself what you’ll need to accomplish in your office area”.

Knowing this will help you when creating both your design and your budget (both in space and money)!

Designing Your Home Office Means You Choose Your Space and Look at Your Source For Lighting

Natural light, of course, is the best possible light you could ask for (so look for an open space near a window first if this is a possibility for you) BUT if that is not your option there are lots of other ways to provide you with what you need, think warm soft light but also make sure it provides the correct light for work that you do and can sit on your desk without taking up to much of your workspace.


If your workspace is small and space is limited, consider purchasing a floor lamp or better yet, a lamp that hangs from the wall to save your valuable desk space.

Don’t forget to check to make sure you have the outlets that you will need to make your space work correctly. You need to think about all the things that need to be plugged in. Computer, chargers, lamps, want these close by and easy to access.

Create your plan and stick with it.

Now that you know where you want to put your office, the amount of space and things you will need, create a PLAN!

If you can draw it out so you have a clear vision this will help when the decisions get hard.

Time for the fun part…

Choose Your Desk Furniture

If you haven’t yet found your perfect desk here are some things to consider when making your plan. Make sure you measure the area you’re working with before going shopping. You may fall in love with something that doesn’t fit just because of how it looks but with your plan in mind, or better in hand; you won’t lose sight of that vision. And make a purchase you might quickly regret. This keeps you from getting lost or making a bad investment.

And remember price doesn’t determine it is the perfect desk.

This can be a great time for DIY or to go hunting for a great bargain. When you set out to find the perfect one, remember that your desk doesn’t have to be pricey. Even simple, modern desks are easy to find and not too expensive and with the farmhouse craze it all the rage to do that DIY!

Chalk paint can be a real game-changer! It comes in so many colors now too! So major bonus!

Make sure your chair not only fits your design but your needs as well!

Your chair is another important piece of your plan and puzzle. This might be a place to invest a few more dollars because if you are going to spend a lot of time in it, it needs to support you and the job you have ahead of it. Don’t just go for the look, opt for something comfortable and practical.

Do you have enough legroom? Make sure you measure here as well.

Will the chair stay stationary or do you need to be able to move around in it easily? If you prize form over function, choose the chair that speaks to you and your vision, but make sure you also are considering all the things that make it the right design and comfortable choice. You can always add your style with a pillow or a rug.

A working lady boss home office needs to reflect not just your workspace but it place where you may very well find yourself camped out for long periods of time. So make sure you really see yourself in it.

Do you want to house most of your supplies inside your desk? If so, make sure your desk drawers are deep enough. And think about how much storage organizers can change the game.


Some of my personal favorites that I use on a regular basis are from MDesign. They come in several colors, sizes, most are even adjustable and best of all come at a really great price!

Consider How You’ll Stay Organized

In continuing the design process of your home office you need to think about the office supplies and accent pieces you will be buying, make sure they are a part of your plan as well, they need a designated spot- a home. Because when everything has a home, it easy to maintain. If you have a large desk, you have a few more options with magazine holders or file folders actually being able to sit on your desk.


For a smaller desk, you may have to get a little more creative with wall or floor space. What is your available vertical space? Think of your wall space, there are great wall grids on vertical home office systems that can do so much and look so stylish! Think a great place to keep notes, reminders and other supplies hanging right where you can see them, vision board reminders, quotes that inspire, and meetings you can’t miss all right there without taking up precious desk space.

Here is one of my favorites and there are ways to customize it for just what you need!  Make sure you pick the right area to hang heavier items on it and use anchors as well to make sure everything stays in place.

Is installing shelves an option? Wall pouches, bookshelves, these are all great for increasing your spaces to store your office supplies. And don’t forget the amazing space a well-placed basket can bring you or even a few of them.

One for a cozy blanket, and one to store your extra office supplies in. You can even put the blanket on top, to hide your extra supplies.

Consider What Inspires You

One of the most important parts of creating your own office is adding you! personality and style into the space is so important so ask yourself; “What inspires and motivates you most?”

What colors makes your heart sing?

My Office Inspired Colors!

What quotes speak your soul?

Is it good enough to just put up a print? Or are your dreams as big as mine and you need an entire wall?

For me, it took painting one wall in my office with chalkboard paint so I could put my entire vision board for the next five years up there.

Don’t forget to add little bits of personal mementos of places and people who inspire you. Now throw in some life with a few plants, add some things that cozy it all up. Throwdown a comfy rug, a favorite book to take a break with, and your lady boss haven is done!

Here’s to you and designing your own home office, your big dreams and your best organized year yet!



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