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No Is The New Yes- 3 Tips For Scaling Back To Have Your Best Holiday!

“NO Is The New Yes- Here’s to Your Best Holiday Season Yet”

I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems this year just whipped by and here we are with the Christmas Season upon us and the big Holiday just a little over 30 days awaaaay!

SO, cue the long lines, the Christmas Hallmark movies, the “I need’s’ the elaborate dinners and parties, the plates of cookies, the wrapping paper… and the list goes on and on, and on.

For most of us, this time of ‘JOY’ and celebration can also be a LOT of (well let’s be honest here) STRESS!

3 Tips for Scaling Back To Have Your Best Holiday-

Can I get an Amen?

BUT here’s the great news… it doesn’t have to be!

It’s all about choice, so let’s talk about 3 ways to change the game!

3 Tips For Scaling Back TO Have Your Best Holiday


Create a budget for each member of your family or those you are buying for.

Now, no matter what stick to it!

Yes, it’s cute, yes it’s just $10 on sale right now. Yes, the list of ‘why you should buy it goes on and on’ but your buying in the moment. You have a budget for a reason… and that reason is ten dollars here, and 10 dollars there, add up!

And at the end when all that IMPULSE BUYING is done and that dreaded credit card statement comes in the mail it is going to give you months of unneeded stress and interest…

Girl, it’s just not worth it! So stick to that budget! Your family knows you love them, your friends (if their real friends) feel the same way. NO ONE wants you to have months of stress so that there are lots of presents under the tree. So PLEASE create your budget and stick to it!

Internal Expectations-

Ok, I know this one personally, so please don’t think that this one came easy for me… Let me tell you Better Home’s and Gardens used to have nothing on me. I was like loonly crazy Christmas lady when it came to this years ago.

Don’t believe me… here’s how bad I was.

NO wrapping paper could come into my home unless I provided it!

That’s right!

WHY??? Because it had to match the rest of the house! I mean everything had to match… my bulbs matched my decor, the bags matched the wrapping paper and all the pictures that hung on the walls to look like big presents with homemade bows. Matching the rest of the decor of course… table clothes, the towels, pot holders, each room that had anything hanging on it became a big present hanging on the wall, everything had to be the right shade of green and red, with silver, not gold!

It was Griswald Christmas crazy… and if I enjoyed the entire process and wasn’t a stressed out loon it might have been ok, but I wasn’t and it wasn’t! And lets not even get started on the meal I would spend days preparing for. EVERYTHING had to be homemade, and made by me for 25 plus people!

When I look back now I just have to laugh at the insanity and how crazy I must have looked to the people I was trying to impress! And the sad thing is they just wanted time with me, the mom who loved them, the wife who adored her Mr, the sister, the daughter, the friend. THEY JUST WANTED ME. Not this loon who took over at Christmas.

SOOOO girl, if this is you? PLEASE for the love of all that is holy stop! Unless this gives you GREAT JOY (then you do you) it’s not necessary. They just want you.

Get out of your head, out of your own expectations and step back. Take inventory of what is important to you, to them and then make those the things you do, where you put your time, and how you create your holiday!

Extending YOURSELF-

I know since we were little we have been raised to be polite, and say “YES” and that is a very important lesson for sure, but I wish parents and grandparents, would spend just as much time on teaching the importance of the beautiful word, NO!

“No”, despite what we have been taught is not mean, it’s not a punishment, it’s not selfish, or thoughtless, though it can mean someone isn’t getting what they want, that’s ok because it can also mean,

-I am choosing where to put my priorities.

-I am choosing to do some self-care.

– I am choosing to stay within my budget to accomplish my financial goals for next year, and in turn, creating a more peaceful home for myself and those I love.

-I am choosing to simply stay in, and veg because my days and outside expectations have been hard this week, month, year.

Whatever your reason for “NO” is, it’s ok because you are saying
“YES” to what’s important and that my friends is the “NO that is the NEW YES” that says even during this crazy holiday season you count too!

I hope these tips help you have the Holiday you want and deserve!

And if you need more tips or some encouragement sign up for my FREE mini-course launching in December! (details coming soon on FB and Insta!)




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