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Say ‘No to as many things as you can’….

I don’t know about you… BUT I love the Minimalist. I love how simple they make something so complicated… well minimal.
They just take the “overwhelm” right out of the situation. I loved this quote

“Say No- to as many things as you can so you can ‘YES’ to the important things”. -the Minimalist

so much I just had to share my thoughts and how you can do this and more importantly on ‘WHY’ you should do this.

I want you to start by thinking about this…

“What is your stuff truly costing you?

Not just in financial terms,or space but in your time? What does it cost in your relationships? Are you afraid to have the very people you enjoy show up at your door? Or do you not have time to enjoy the outdoors, or family because you have too much laundry to do?

What are you missing out on?

What are you saying ‘yes’ to that is causing you to say ‘no’ to things that really matter most? What is your heart yearning for that you are missing out on? And who?
Or what experiences could you enjoy with less? And with less how can that lead you to more?

I am going to start you on your journey to MORE…

I want you to take a challenge… Involve your family if possible. I promise it is easy, and won’t hurt too much(so ignore the fear)

Nor will it take much of your time but it will add value, freedom and a get you a little bit closer to the life you want to live…

Ok ready???
We will start it out SIMPLE…
I call this my 5 For 5 Challenge:
For 5 days I want you to delete from your life 5 items that don’t bring you joy, and I want you to do that for 5 days. These items will be thrown away or donated. BUT at the end of the week, they must GO!

So there you go… easy breezy.

Just things for 5 days.
BUT they must be yoursNo getting rid of others stuff! This is my one “GOLDEN RULE” never decide for someone else what brings them joy!

If you can get your family to join… they have the same rules!

You can do this! I know you can… and I PROMISE it is the start to saying ‘YES’ to the life you deserve!


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