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Letting Go and Finding the Joy!

Letting Go and Finding the Joy!

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Rachel did an amazing job organizing my garage and downstairs space. You can tell she really cares about what she does, plus she’s so personable and kind throughout the whole process! I was finally able to let go of items I’d been holding on to (out of guilt) and reap the benefits of a beautiful space!
Definitely use her if you are stuck or need help busting through the clutter.
Tamara M.

Rachel did an outstanding job getting our house ready! We were moving across the country with a new baby and many things in transit from different locations. Rachel basically took care of everything, from setting up every room in the house, arranging every shelf, getting all the basics we needed, and also letting us know what else we needed.
She was an absolute lifesaver!!!
Ahmed S.

Have you ever heard the old saying you don’t know what you don’t know? Rachel Murphy, with SIMPLIFY MY LIFE, has taught me so many things that I did not know. She is an organizational guru. When she came to my house I thought I was very well organized(because I knew where everything was and I almost had a place for everything), until her vision became a reality… Now, I not only have a place for everything, but it is also very easily accessible. I am no longer drowning in items I don’t need and in some cases, items I didn’t even want. I’m not completely finished, but the beautiful thing is Rachel meets you where you are at and she doesn’t push you.
Not only do I recommend Rachel to others, but my husband and I have also gifted her services to some of our loved ones. If you are ready to create a wonderful environment for yourself, look no further- you’ve found the perfect company to assist in all your needs!
And, you will no longer not know what you need to know!
Shannon S.

Rachel is seriously THE BEST. Every time she helps with a project, halfway through I just want to hug her because I know if she weren’t there, I would’ve gotten overwhelmed and shoveled all my junk back where it was before and given up. I get so much more done with her there, and I am always in a great mood when she leaves bc so much has been accomplished. I recently moved and wondered how I’d ever get settled in the new place…and now we already are, after just a couple visits with Rachel.
Seriously…the best!!
Lauren H.

I’ve had Rachel over twice now to help me to purge and organize my home. She is very professional, kind-hearted and fast working. She has given me hope that even though I am disabled and in pain most of the time, my home will be put back in order again. I look forward to seeing her again soon and to having a long-standing friendship with her in the future. She is worth every penny I have spent to have her help me.
Kathy M.

We combine 3 households into 1. That left us with a lot of extra stuff. I had stuff in the basement and in a 10′ enclosed trailer. Rachel came to my house and within 4 hours we had gone through the entire trailer. She told me in the beginning that we could do the entire thing that day, but I didn’t believe. She made a believer out of me. I donated a whole truck bed of things that day, so my going thru my belongings not only helped me, it helped others as well. I also got a receipt for a tax write-off. Win-win! I hesitated for a long time in reaching out for help. I was afraid of being judged as a hoarder.
Rachel is a true joy to work with and does not judge her clients. I’m happy to call her my friend and super glad that I called her and got the help I needed. She’ll show you what you need to get organized and stay organized, so give her a call.
You’ll be 100% happy you did!
April S.

You ever looked at a mess that is right in front of you and been so overwhelmed that you were paralyzed to do anything about it? Well, that is where my husband and I were after blending our households. SO MUCH STUFF!!! What do you do with all the stuff that has accumulated over a lifetime, especially when that stuff has emotional ties to it? Believe me, I had no clue, and the stress of it all was starting to be an issue…until Rachel entered the picture. This girl has got skills!! She walked into our nightmare and made it a beautiful, stress-free environment. The best part was that it helped us to get rid of the clutter that had been weighing us down and gave us freedom!!! Thank you so much, Rachel!!
Christina Y.

First of all, let me say that our project was no small task! We needed to organize in essence 3 households, and a huge storage/shop facility. I recently got married, and have a lot of stuff from my parent’s estate that we needed to sort, purge, and organize. All in all, we spent a week with Rachel and our mutual friend Shannon. The whole project was beyond overwhelming for me to even fathom where to start. Rachel did an initial inspection and asked me a few questions. The day we started, she had a systematic game plan in place. We sorted both houses and the 32×80 shop. She asked simple and easy questions with no pressure on what was important to me and my wife as far as what we wanted to keep. We now have an organized Home, and Shop, and are beginning to prepare the other house to be sold! None of this would be possible without the expertise and professionalism of Rachel! We without hesitation recommend Rachel and Simplify My Life for all your organization needs.
Todd P.

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