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Letting Go and Finding the Joy!

Letting Go and Finding the Joy!

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Rachel is a not only an organizer, but a healer. Simply being around her makes you feel more empowered and brighter. She is a very special woman. I am truly lucky to have had her come into my life.
Natalia R.

Rachel is magic! So encouraging and wonderful to be around! She has great energy and does a fantastic job helping us organize and get things accomplished. We love her!

Anna W.

I had the honor of attending Rachel Murphy’s presentation last night at the Mulvane library. It did not disappoint. Rachel is passionate about what she does which is helping others. It was very clear that one size does not fit all. She tailors home organization to the needs of the client – what works for them. Questions from the audience were met with great answers and solutions. Lots of great suggestions and tips were mentioned that most probably wouldn’t think of. If you get the chance to attend an event like this don’t pass it up.

Vickie B.

I never thought our garage would be so organized! Rachel does amazing work! I highly recommend her services. Quick and efficient!

Debbie L.

My daughter met Rachel at the Women’s Fair and liked her. My kid’s bought me an organizing day for Mother’s Day to reclaim my bedroom. Work, common area chores, wanting to do more with life than clean, and some illness had allowed my bedroom clutter to get the best of me. It was no longer the sanctuary I needed at the end of a 12+ hr shift but instead added to my stress! Rachel was just what I needed from the moment she entered my house! Understanding, caring, and boundless energy! As she says “non-judgemental” and listens to who you are and what you want! When my mom was coming for an extended visit, we cleaned and organized my “guest room” for her using family items from the past to make mom feel she was in her home away from home. And now I have hired her again to turn my “just throw all that in there, I’ll get to it someday” room into a functional sewing and craft room! Working with her (she does the heavy stuff, I mostly sit and sort) is like two friends having a fun day together. Time flies by! And we have “found” things, valuable cherished memory items, in our organizing. What I love is the change in me. I have organized my bathroom and kitchen using techniques she taught me. Being organized truly does bring you peace. I love you and soooo appreciate you Rachel !! Thank you for coming into my home, and my life!
Marlene K.

I had the magical experience of working with Rachel, and it was a pure blessing! I’ve read the other reviews & I can only echo what has already been shared. I was nervous & cautious to have someone come into my neglected home. Rachel spent a generous amount of time getting to know me & inquiring about what suited OUR lifestyle. Her compassion overwhelmed me, her suggestions were practical and doable! We accomplished so much in our time together. I truly felt like I had made a friend that day! I have remained motivated & on task since working with her, surprising my husband and myself!! Don’t hesitate to call Rachel! I highly recommend her & this wonderful, eye opening experience to everyone!! You deserve it, and you won’t regret it!

Dee D.

Rachel blessed my life! I was stuck. She helped free me from paralysis. I feel lighter and optimistic finally! She is so easy to work with because she listens and is considerate of any concerns. I highly recommend her to help regain control in your life.
Cheryl J.

Linda L.

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