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Letting Go and Finding the Joy!

Letting Go and Finding the Joy!

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Rachel made my organizing experience truly what she says… Simple. She pinpointed my areas of concern, gently helped to encourage me to let go of things I knew I didn’t need, was literally the kid whisperer and helped my daughter organize her room and then showed her tips to keep it that way… By the end of my time with Rachel… I considered her my friend! Currently I’m enjoying a cup of coffee on my back patio without the stress of this home on my mind! It was the best investment I’ve made in awhile!

– Stephanie I.

Rachel helped my husband and I organize areas of our basement and also our garage. Then she tackled  my husbands Chiropractic Clinic. Rachel is a fantastic on-task organizer with many great ideas she implemented with us.
– Angie C.

Rachel is amazing!! She spent 3 1/2 hours helping me organize my basement! She loves what she does and is excellent in organizing and giving great advice. I highly recommend her and will definitely call her in the future!

– Peggy T.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel. At first I felt a little guilty for hiring a personal organizer thinking, “I should be able to handle this job myself.” But after Rachel came and helped me accomplish in 3 sessions what would have taken me 3 months, I totally got over this feeling! When my dad passed away and left me with a house filled with a lifetime of stuff, Rachel bravely stepped in and helped me decide what to keep and what to sell or toss. Seriously, call her.  You will not regret it.

– Lisa L.

I called Simplify My Life out of desperation to get my garage organized! My husband had ample years to do this, it didn’t get done. Rachel came to explain her business and I was all in! We organized the garage plus, the pantry, many cabinets and even the basement storage room all in a matter of 20 hours! I FEEL so good! It is done. She is a wizard of magic! She took 3 or 4 loads of stuff to His Helping Hands for me! All I had to do was dispose of the trash! Thank you to my dear friend! She will do whatever you need in organizing your home! I will call her again, it was money well spent! TWO Thumbs UP!

– Sherri S.

Rachel doesn’t come to your house just to tell you everything is junk and to throw it all in the trash. Anybody could do that. Instead, Rachel crawls inside of your head and figures out how you think, then helps you figure out what is truly important, and what is doing nothing for you but sucking the energy out of you. She helps you let go of those unnecessary things, and then designs an organizational system geared for the way you think.

Rachel did a room in our basement about a month ago that was chock full of junk – mostly my husband’s junk. It had been accumulating random things for 14 years. I thought for sure she’d run screaming when she saw it, but it was just the opposite – she couldn’t wait to get started! My husband was a bit unreceptive to having his room cleaned out, but Rachel put him at ease, and listened to him about what his goals were.

I thought that for sure, this would be a several-day project. I was wrong. I was utterly amazed at what she was able to get accomplished – what WE accomplished – in four hours. It looked like an actual room! We now have an office area with room for TWO desks – his and mine! – and my husband still has his hobby/workshop area.

I was so happy with our new-found square footage that I kept her on to do a few problem areas in my kitchen. They weren’t awful, but they interrupted my work flow in the kitchen. Two hours later, everything was sorted, categorized, and kept in useful places. The system she set up for me (in BOTH the basement room and the kitchen) is easy to maintain. One month later, it still looks exactly like she set up for us. The day after Rachel did our kitchen, I was working in it, buzzing around with my thoughts going a mile a minute (like usual), and I yanked open one of the drawers and instead of clutter, I saw order. And I sighed a deeply relieved and blissful sigh.

The best way I could describe the overall feeling of what Rachel did for us is relief – a big, huge weight off our shoulders. HIGHLY recommend her – she’s worth the affordable price to restore your sanity.

– Julie and Jeff S.

Words truly can not express how Rachel has changed my life. We did not have a huge amount of clutter, just things that never really found a home in our house. We have tried over the years to sort everything out but usually ended up just shuffling the piles into different rooms. It has been a lingering source of stress. So when the day came that I actually needed that extra bedroom that was being used as a storage room I panicked. After searching for an organizer, it felt like the heavens opened up and poured down sunshine that morphed into Rachel. Give me ten hours, she said. I said there is no way we can even make a dent in ten hours. So I said let’s start with 10 hours. After two 5-hour days spanning a week, the 6 years I had waited to finally unpack my whole house had arrived. We were even able to organize the junk drawers. My home feels lighter. My clutter was always hidden behind a door so it was not always seen, but now that it is gone my home feels like a home. I’m comfortable being in any room. Plus, strangely enough, I don’t mind cleaning anymore because I have a place for everything. I know where the extra batteries and postage stamps go now. Rachel takes time to listen to you and your needs. She lets you set your own goals and teaches you how to get there. She provides much more than a service, it’s truly a lifestyle change. Just taking the time to meet with Rachel for a consultation, her energy will inspire you. Her cost is affordable and she will work with your budget. Her goal in working with you is teach you her strategies and you won’t need her to complete your project.
-Holly and Michael C.

I’ve read all of the reviews here and I couldn’t agree more! Rachel has been an angel on Earth to so many people, especially me! When Rachel came to see my house, I fully expected her to turn and run the other way! We started in my closet, worked to the bedroom, basement and on to the garage. She took each room and organized it in a way that it is most functional and accessible for my daily living. She truly has “simplified my life” by helping me clear the clutter. During this process, I had many clothes and memorabilia that belonged to my parents. Rachel was very compassionate and would always tell me if I wasn’t ready to part with it, it should stay. Rachel will tell you herself that she works for you and you make all the final decisions. If you’re not ready to part with something, then it should stay, but she has such a magical way of helping you through the process and helping you regain control of your life again. She certainly did that for me! Not only do I have a house I can be truly proud of, but I have gained a beautiful friend for life.
– Susan H.

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