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The Sale is in the Details…

“Why Your Sellers Must See Their “Stuff” Through Their Buyers Eyes”

As a Realtor, I know you have gotten the call, the “listing call”.
The appointment is set, you show up with your folder,
your sign, and your “let’s do this attitude” ready to sell their home.

You hire photo’s to be taken, fluff up the pillows add some fresh flowers, put your sign in the yard, add it to the MLS and wait for the viewing appointments to come pouring in.

You’re so ready to make your sellers happy and put some well-earned cash in your pocket, and then…

Well if it’s ‘move-in ready’ the rest is just contracts and phone calls.
But if it’s not you wait..

So how do we help to make sure the day we put the sign in the yard we make it “move-in ready?

The number one tip, I can give as a Professional Organizer and Stager, is this;

Help your ‘Seller’ see their home through their ‘Buyers’ eyes.”

I know this is no easy task, but I promise you it is one that will put “money in the bank”.

Some quick tips.

Have them take out their trusty phone and snap some shots of the overall view.

What is out of place?

What makes the space cluttered?

How does the furniture look in the space?

Open up the closets and cupboards… and have THEM snap away.

Now, have them look and see what “their customer” (buyer) is seeing.

If the cabinets are jammed full of coffee mugs, and plastic cups ‘this’ is all their buyer will see.

Linen closet full of towels and ‘this and that’ guess what, closets full of clothing ??? the message to their ‘Buyer’ is “too small” “not enough space” “keep looking” and out the door, they go.


So use that trusty camera, have them take a good look at what they might be missing because they have “clutter blindness” I promise, ‘they don’t see what you do!’

The photos can quickly show them what they need to see and save you and them a lot of frustration, waiting and get you that SOLD sign you both want to see!

Soooo much better.

Rachel Murphy

Simplify MY LIfe

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